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T&R Company Announces First-to-Market Thermoformed Azalea Product for West Coast Greenhouse Growers

New Thermoformed Pot Offers Green Alternative for Growers

Oct. 23, 2007 – T&R Company, a manufacturer of landscape tree boxes, stakes and trellises, and distributor of plastic nursery pots, has introduced the first six-inch thermoformed hanging azalea container with saucer to the West Coast.  The new thermoformed pot system is expected to save up to 45% in recycled plastic over traditional injection-molded hanging pot systems, offering a new alternative for greenhouse growers interested in growing green.

New thermoformed pot

“Traditionally, foliage growers on the West Coast have used six-inch injection molded hanging azalea pots with saucers in lieu of designed hanging baskets,” explains Jack Reid, T&R’s Greenhouse Division Manager.  “These newly designed thermoformed azalea pots provide a more economical package that fully does the job of the traditional injection molded system, while furthering the green effort for environmental improvement.”



T&R Company, in conjunction with Summit Plastic Company and JanorPot®, have developed the new lightweight 6” co-extruded thermoformed pot with engineered slots to accept and hold a three strand 15 ¾” hanger.  A unique, matching co-extruded saucer has also been developed to complement the package, which easily attaches and adheres to the pot.  The co-extruded, imprintable, two-color Duo™ pot system offers a black interior to filter all light transmission to the sensitive plant root, while offering a range of outside colors to enhance and beautify the package.  Both economical off-set printing and the new “pictorial” full billboard style of printing are available for imprinting brand or other promotional information onto the container.  Designed for maximum universal efficiency, the new pots can be used with virtually any type of automated equipment.

According to Reid, the product is initially being targeted to tropical foliage greenhouse growers with expected market expansion to bedding and ornamental plant growers following introduction of larger sizes.

 The new azalea container complements T&R’s line of existing products offered by its Greenhouse Division, which provides a comprehensive selection of indoor greenhouse pots in a variety of sizes,  including azalea pots, standard pots and hanging baskets, as well as flats, trays, shade cloth, and groundcovers.  The new 6-inch thermoformed azalea pots are available exclusively through T&R Company.  Visit www.trlcompany.com and call (888) 899-3400 for more information.

About T&R Company:
Founded in Southern California in 1964, T&R Company specializes in containers for nurseries from plug trays to tree boxes over 20-feet and all sizes in between. T&Rs headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, California encompass nearly seven acres with over 30,000 square feet of production. Under its Kelmar Creations Division (established in 2003), it also manufactures a complete line of decorative specialty wood consumer products marketed through retail garden centers. For further information, contact T&R Company, 12940 Whittram Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739; Tel:888-899-3400, Fax: (909) 899-4975, E-mail: sales@trlcompany.com, Web:www.trlcompany.com

About Summit Plastic Company and JanorPot LLC
Summit Plastic Company (Akron, OH, http://www.summitplastic.com/) is a partner of a combined group creating one of the largest horticulture and nursery container companies in the world.  They are joined by JanorPot LLC, (Akron, OH, http://www.janorpot.com/), Nursery Supplies, Inc. (Chambersburg, PA) and Desch – Plantpak, B.V. (Waalwijk, Netherlands) with facilities totaling six in North America and five in Europe.

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